SIZE19,000 SF


The name of the building, TLC, is a playful reversal of CLT, the main construction method we will be using for this building. TLC, usually referring to Tender Love and Care, also now refers to the primary elements of our design, Timber, Light and Craft.

Timber:A wood building made of CLT (cross laminated timber)

Light:Light Industrial zoning, lightweight construction, and light filled space

Craft:Craft beer, craft industries, the craft of exposed wood construction.

The program will include a brewery on site with a connected tasting room / restaurant on the second floor and then three stories of office space above.

The building is an interesting combination of industrial use, reflected on the outside through the use of corrugated galvanized steel siding, and a wood interior, harking back to the old mass timber industrial interiors of the 19th century.

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TLC Axo Diagram 1

TLC Axo Diagram 2

TLC Axo Diagram 3

Three simple moves for a simple and elegant building that take into account the inevitable redevelopment of it’s neighbours.

Being in an industrial zone, there are no setback requirements meaning that the adjacent lots could go as high as 100 feet and get built right up against the TLC.

The natural slope of the site from front to back allows for a comfortable double height industrial space and mezzanine. The street front window looks down into the brewery production area.

The second floor contains the brewery tasting room and restaurant which opens onto a street facing patio tucked behind some large planter boxes.

The three floors above contain office spaces, each with their own large balconies that double as great sunshades at the height of summer.

Finally, a full span rooftop patio will be available to all tenants.