DAE – Design Architecture Everyday Inc. is a dynamic, full-service architectural practice based in Vancouver, BC. We strive to design spaces that positively impact the day-to-day lives of the people that use them, regardless of the scale or type of project. Every solution is crafted by clearly identifying and understanding the important needs, goals, and vision of our clients through a rigorous, organized, and communicative approach to the design and construction process. What you want is of prime importance to us. We listen first and then design.

Founding Partners, David Long and Antoine Morris bring a combined 20 years of experience navigating the complexities of project management and design in the construction industry. Thinking both creatively and realistically, our mandate is to maintain your schedule and budget, while pushing the boundaries of the architecture and design fields.

At DAE, we are dedicated to service-focused delivery, and well-executed environments. We offer a comprehensive architecture and design skill set in a boutique style and level of service. We focus on projects at a scale where we can offer our complete attention, providing tailored solutions every step of the way. Direct engagement from beginning to end of a project is paramount to our success.