Sun Hat and Scarf House

Location: Surrey, BC, Canada
Year: 2020 – Present
Phase: Building Permit
Type: Residential, Addition and Renovation
GFA: 2,880 sf

The addition and renovation of a small bungalow adding a Master suite mezzanine within a large “sun hat” roof that extends over the rear yard deck.

A railing wraps the house like a scarf, alternating between flush wall patterning and outdoor privacy screen as well as moving from 3 feet in height to 6 feet in height on the south side to block views from the neighbors while still allowing views of the ocean.

The West side of the house takes advantage of the garden, distance ocean views and evening light with a set of large sliding doors opening onto the patio.

The south side contains a band of clerestory windows along the entire length of the house, bringing natural light into the great room, the pantry, and staircase while keeping the house very private from the neighbours.