Year: 2009 (created when DAE was The Practice of Everyday Design)

The Mobile Office was created during a two-week period in August of 2009.  During this time many home renovations were taking place in the neighborhood, resulting in significant amounts of waste left on front lawns and in driveways. 

We found ourselves in an opportune situation: we needed to construct an office for our new design practice and we had no budget, but plenty of free local material. We created some design constraints to make it interesting:  the office would only be built out of found objects within a two-block radius of our studio (Antoine’s living space). 

Using our bikes and a makeshift wagon, we transported our materials back to Antoine’s converted garage/apartment.  The design emerged and evolved, depending on the supplies we discovered each day.

The floor is made from four shipping palettes bolted together and resting on nine industrial castors. The desks and drawers were salvaged from residential trash the night before garbage pickup.

The white book shelving is made from cut up IKEA closet doors and discarded concrete wood formwork. 

The remaining lumber was found at several home renovation sites, including a wood waste pile resulting from a building fire. All of the salvaged lumber required tedious work, removing nails, screws, and drywall and additional sanding. 

The bed is hoisted by a series of double pulleys and a hand crank winch, enabling us enough space to work underneath.

By placing Antoine’s bed above our work stations we freed up a significant amount of space in the apartment.