Year:        2011

While working on the Eden house, we quickly realized that our client’s want of keeping their modest sized bungalow mostly intact was not the norm in Mississauga. The old bungalows that used to be the common norm in the neighborhood were being bought up at an alarming rate only to be just as quickly torn down and replaced with monstrously sized houses. This trend is now commonly referred to as McMansions. The term describes what is essentially a pastiche of “classical” styles slapped onto a house more interested in size than quality of construction.

We searched “dream home” in an online database of open source 3D objects. We collected what we found to be the most popular “dream home” designs and combined them to form the ultimate McNasty Mansion as a playful critique of the trend McMansion trend.

Exhibited at the Cheaper Show 10  Vancouver, BC and Pin-Up Exhibition – Mercer Union Art Gallery – Toronto, Ontario