David is a licensed Architect, registered with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia. Having contributed to a diverse range of projects, he brings his many years of experience at Gair Williamson Architects leading projects through the rezoning and development permit process on complex sites. David has been closely engaged in the design, production, and approval processes for mixed use multifamily residential projects from pre-design through to project completion.

David has successfully delivered several Mixed Use and Residential buildings, and has led successful rezonings acting as Project Architect. He is known for his ability to lead projects and the teams through the concept, permitting, and construction phases of a project. Having extensive knowledge in construction documentation phases of a project he understands that schematic design should always be rooted in local construction materials and methods.




Antoine is a licensed Architect, registered with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia. From product design to renovating heritage buildings, from residential and institutional work to urban design, Antoine brings 15 years of experience in just about every scale of design.

His experience at Kongats Architects and SvN Architects and Planners has taught him to begin every project by first understanding its core issues and limitations and working within those boundaries to create a unique solution. His interest lies in finding that particular solution which will elevate a project from regular to outstanding while working closely with the client to ensure that all the project goals are met.

His core interest lies in developing and implementing a strong, clear, and simple concept that informs all steps of the project from the schematic phase to end of construction.