The McNasty Mansion offers a new and more exciting typology of homes, formed off the same principals of the McMansion: more rooms than one can fill, enough mixed styles to ensure complete architectural confusion, and enough faux finishes and cheap materials to keep cost down but dimensions huge.

We entered "dream home" in Google's 3D warehouse search, a database and community of open source 3D objects built using Google's free Sketchup 3D drafting software. We collected what we found to be the most popular "dream home" designs and combined them to form the ultimate McNasty Mansion. As the proud owner of more features and space than you ever thought possible, your significance as a human being could never be more obvious.

McNasty Mansion was exhibited at The Cheaper Show on June 25th,2011 in Vancouver,Canada Visit The Cheaper Show for more information

If you are interested in purchasing a McNasty Mansion sculpture or poster please contact us at

McNasty Mansion in plastic is $495 CAD / Limited edition of 15

Also available in bronze, inquire for pricing / Limited edition of 8